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In Search Of Africa’s Commitment 

To Sustainable Eco Tourism In Southern Africa and Our Impact on Conservation and Community Development Within The Footprint Of Our Luxury Safari Adventure Areas 


This commitment is to partner with rural African communities on the outskirts of wildlife and Safari areas to improve their quality of life and achieve long-term conservation through programs focusing on education, conservation and community empowerment.


As tourism grows in the safari sector so does the pressure to maintain the environment and  equilibrium  between wildlife and community. 


Safaris are a multimillion dollar industry and it is the duty of  those involved in it to manage the sustainability benefits to local communities and wildlife. All our partners in this Luxury African Safari Adventure Community are committed to these principles of Sustainable Eco Tourism and the upliftment of the local rural populations. In Search Of Africa’s unique initiative to this principle is the JAFUTA FOUNDATION which is highlighted two pages further on in our website


So when you have been on a Luxury African Safari Adventure with us at In Search Of Africa, not only will you come away with special memories of your adventure of a life time, but you will know that your visit has left behind your valuable support within the communities surrounding the areas of your special Safari experience.

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