The In Search of Africa team:

Arthur Allison

Owner, Director


Arthur was born and raised in Zimbabwe and he has valuable hands-on and personal experience of all our safari destinations. He is a very keen nature conservationist, an active supporter of social upliftment and very passionate about the protection of Africa’s wildlife.  He has been actively involved in these noble ideals for over 30 years.


His knowledge of Southern Africa is based on thirty years living with nature. He is a bush boy with an extensive knowledge of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. 


When requested, he accompanies clients on safaris and his local knowledge in each of our areas has invariably added to the overall safari experience for our clients.  Every year Arthur is responsible for returning to the camps meeting old friends and making new ones!


He follows up on the latest news and developments within the region and reviews any new lodge or camp that may meet our high standards for possible inclusion into our proposed itinerary for our Safari family.

Lynda Allison

Owner, Director


Lynda has travelled extensively to all the safari areas that In Search Of Africa operate in. 


She has an expert eye for all things luxurious including the finest camps, hotels, transport and transfers and has developed a complete portfolio of these essential services that make up the African adventure of a lifetime. 


Working together with all the major service providers she has put in place an efficient back office operation that deals with the daily administration and ensures that all our safaris run smoothly. Lynda is our expert Honeymoon planner with tons of ideas and destinations up her sleeve to make this the best and most memorable start to your life together. 

Neal Leach


Director of Zimbabwe Operations


Private Specialist Host


Our 'Man In Africa' member of the In Search Of Africa Safari Team, Neal, comes to us with mountains of knowledge and experience in the Sub-Sahara Safari arena, born and raised in Zambia, he has spent most of his adult life in Zimbabwe where he lives and operates a Digital Visual Graphics and Video Creation outfit. Neal comes to us with over twenty years experience as a Professional Cameraman and has well over thirty years experience as a tracker and game and birdlife enthusiast. Like Arthur, when requested, he accompanies clients on safaris as their Private Specialist Host - Personal Safari and Photographic advisor. His extensive local knowledge in all of our Safari areas and his video/photographic expertise and guidance will invariably add to the overall experience for many of our intrepid Safari adventurers.

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