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We Are In Support of
Sustainable Eco Tourism

We are involved with The Jafuta Foundation, a Charity set up to improve the lifestyle and upliftment of the Local Villagers in the Hwange District of Victoria Falls.  Arthur is on the USA advisory Board. We are an integral part of their programmes and raise funds for their extraordinary work through client site visits . Some of their outstanding projects include  The drilling and installation of boreholes in the villages.The building of Schools and classrooms. Provision of sports and recreational facilities including the building and running of sports fields, basketball and football fields. The building of ablution blocks in Villages. The installation of biogas cooking kitchens in the Villages to provide proper cooking facilities and the saving of forestry by there not being a need to chop down trees. The Girls Dignity project, providing reusable sanitary protection for young girls which then allows them to remain in School instead of having to stay at homes for two weeks every month. There are many more projects and we encourage our clients to take a half or full day to visit these projects. Should you wish to make a donation toward all this work we can arrange this for you, either on your visit or through our website.

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